Why Art?
The purpose of Arts2You is to nurture the creative spark in our clients, regardless of age or ability. Research has shown that the arts help develop important skills like problem-solving, collaboration, communication and self-expression. We at Arts2You espouse that view and believe that creative thinking and art-making enhances students’ overall academic and life experience.

And just as in academics or athletics, every student is unique in his or her arts interests. The beauty of custom art instruction is that it meets children (or adults) where they are. Arts2You aims to both inspire and educate using an interdisciplinary approach based upon fundamental art teaching principles.

Why Arts2You?
Arts2You is different from scheduled art classes at art schools or after school programs in several ways. We structure our art lessons based on the philosophy of individualized education. This means our Art Lesson Programs are tailored to a student’s art medium interests, instructor preference and personal schedule and, serve to help students reach educational goals that they can not or do not like to attain in a classroom settings and agendas.

Can we pay with a credit card?
Yes. Please click here to read about our payment option.

How do you qualify and screen your instructors?
We select instructors who can make a positive impact in their students' lives by engaging them in a three step qualification process. This includes evaluation of work and teaching experience, direct observation of the candidate on the job and a background check with a professional screening company. Through this process, we look for certain core values we believe are predictors of teaching success of private instruction at client’s homes; these include commitment to the Arts2You’s mission of individualized education and respect for families and students with a wide variety of different art educational interests and goals.

What if we do not think our teacher is a good match?
We try our best to make fitting instructor-student matches, but if you feel after the first lesson that the match is not a good fit, we can rematch your student. Please click here to read about our policies regarding a rematch.

Why are only 3 students in a group allowed?
One to one instruction and small-group instruction is conducive to an effective learning environment. In this kind of environment, students engage in learning by being able to discuss interests or problems and arrive at decisions about how they might be handled. Each student then becomes committed to the solution or plan. For maximum learning to occur, the cohesiveness for this kind of learning experience can best be created with three students or fewer.

What if we do not like the art program my student is working on?
Given the mission and structure of Arts2You, students and their parents should never hesitate contacting Arts2You to discuss any issues or concerns with their personalized Art Lesson Program. We have experience in revising art plans in the middle of a session and greatly improving a student’s experience. We advise clients to contact us proactively so we can have the opportunity to make a positive change.

What if we want an art medium not listed in your offerings?
Not all of our art media or art project offerings are listed on our website - there are just too many to list! Please call us to discuss your artistic ideas and proposals. If we can not immediately fufill them with one of our full-time instructors, we are happy to develop a Design-Your-Own program from our pool of instructors. Click to learn more.

Can we extend the time of our art lesson after we’ve started?
If you would like to extend your lesson time, please contact Arts2You and we will check with your instructor’s availability and bill you accordingly on a pro-rata basis for the cost of the extended time. Instructors are not allowed to accept compensation directly from clients for extended time.

Can we add a sibling or friend to our art lesson?
If you would like to invite a sibling or friend to your art lesson, please contact Arts2You to discuss the class and cost change from individual class to group class type. All students need to be registered legally with Arts2You for an Arts2You instructor to be allowed to teach.

Do I need to be home for the art lesson?
An adult is required to be in the house for an Arts2You instructor to teach students under the age of 18 years old. If there is not an adult in the house, the instructor may elect to cancel or delay the start of the class until an adult arrives. Families will not be refunded for this lesson.

What if my student is sick when they arrive home from school?
Please click here read our policies regarding cancelling and rescheduling lessons.

Do you do special art events such as birthday parties?
Yes, see our services.

What if we want to commission a piece of art work from our teacher?
Yes, see our offerings.

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