Arts2You offers students of all ages and skill levels the ultimate flexible art educational experience. Students are allotted a minimum of 10 hours of lessons or more with Arts2You and can enroll throughout the year to host one-on-one or small group lessons at home, the office or any convenient location. In addition, Arts2You helps active students fit in lessons around their academic and extra-curricular activities and adult students around their work, travel and family plans by offering customised schedules within each term. Lessons are available seven days a week between 9am -9pm and can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, around holidays and other conflicts or grouped into half-day workshops or vacation camps.

Students can start their lesson program by viewing our wide range of fine and applied art media and lesson ideas. Once a student has chosen their art media, and schedule, they can register online. Arts2You will then work hard to assess and match students learning objectives and styles with accomplished, carefully screened and trained art instructors.

Register online to complete the form by choosing: (1) A Lesson Program, (2) Art Medium and (3) your preferred lesson day/time schedule.

We’ll follow up your registration to discuss your detailed creativity interests and assess which of our Lesson Programs, instructor and schedule best fits you/your student’s needs.

3. PAY
We email your invoice with payment information.

Once we receive your payment, we email your program confirmation that contains the confirmed lesson schedule, no lesson dates and make-up lesson date and the teacher’s contact information. Your instructor will then call you to introduce themself and discuss your supply needs.

  • Lesson Registration:
    All students are required to complete the online registration form and sign the waiver to participate in Arts2You lessons. Teachers are not allowed to teach students not registered including siblings.
  • Lesson Schedule Policy:
    1. Once a lesson program starts, the schedule can’t be altered. If a student has to change a lesson day and/or time after the start of their session, we will check with their teacher's availability and do our best to accommodate their needs, but can't guarantee it. If we can change the day of the lesson during a session, we charge a $25 schedule change fee for all of the time required to reset the customized program. If we can't change the schedule, we will apply the lesson payment to when the next possible teacher is available.

    2. All lessons must be completed within the term. Any unused lessons by the end of the term are forfeited and can’t be rolled over into the next session. We have 4 terms – Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.
  • Art Supply Policy:
    1. Students are responsible for their own art supplies.

    2. Your instructor will review supply needs and provide a list based on your lesson plan.

    3. If you would like an instructor to purchase supplies for you, clients (students/parents) are responsible for reimbursing the instructor directly in full, as well as an additional $20 delivery and pick-up fee.
  • Lesson Make-up Policy:
    1. Within each session, only one student cancellation is eligible for a make-up lesson. Arts2You schedules this lesson after the last lesson in the session upon request. If for any reason, including illness, more than one lesson is cancelled, those lessons will be forfeited.

    2. If your teacher should cancel a lesson for any reason, such as illness or inclement weather, a make-up credit will be extended.
  • Renewing Lessons:
    If a student chooses to continue with same teacher and schedule, without interruption, we will waive the $25 renewal fee. If a student choses to take a break or to switch teachers, the $25 renewal fee will be charged to cover the administrative time to make these new scheduling changes.

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