Please browse our wide selection of art lessons by medium and program. If you do not see an art lesson or program that meets your interests, please contact us. We have a vast network of instructors with varied expertise available to meet your art objectives. To learn more about how we work, read about us or register and start your art program.


If you do not see an art medium of interest, please contact us.

+ Drawing (Illustration, Cartooning, Calligraphy, Charcoal, Pencils, Ink)
+ Painting (Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, Pastels)
+ Photography (Digital, Black and White, Photo Editing, Organization)
+ Ceramics (Hand-Building)
+ Architecture (Model Building, Computer Modeling, Drawing)
+ Sculpture
+ Printmaking
+ Video Making (Game Design, Video Production)
+ Fashion Design
+ Sewing
+ Knitting
+ Cooking
+ Animation

+ Collage & Mixed Media


Arts2You offers Lesson Programs for students of all ages and skill levels.

This program will prepare high school and secondary school students to identify, enhance and create quality pieces of works and a personal artist statement for their college or secondary school applications that demonstrates their passion and talent in the fine or applied arts.

Customize a lesson plan in which the student and instructor meet weekly for the term to accomplish a variety of objectives based on each student’s individual interests and needs. Some objectives include building critical skills, exploring one – or several – medium, developing a personal voice and style, studying/copying the masters, etc.

This program integrates creativity and visual art skills to accomplish creative academic assignments and projects in an arts assignment and other academic courses such as science, technology, engineering, math, social studies and English.

The artistic student will work with an Arts2You instructor to identify, develop and implement a meaningful community service project in the arts. Other Arts2You students have chosen this Program for Bat mitzvah, Girl Scouts and school group projects. One student even collected recycled blankets, redesigned and sewed them together to donate to local shelters.

Design your own vacation camp during school vacations, summer breaks or before the start of a new job. Do what you love most, right from the comfort of your home. Half- and full-day programs are offered.

Develop the practice of doing art for enjoyment. Students will identify mediums to explore, develop personal expressions in art, try new techniques and have fun.

Design and host a group workshop with your friends or family to work on a specific art project. This could be a Girls Night Out event, family event or artist workshop. 3 hour to full day sessions are offered.

NEW ! Holiday Gift Making

+ Sew Stuffed Animals, Cloth Toys or Fashion Acessories

+ Holiday or Note Card Design with Photography, Caliigraphy or Pen & Ink Illustration

+ Cooking Sauces & Jams, Granola & Nut Mixtures

+ Baking Cookies, Cupcakes and Candy

Project-based art lessons focus on producing a finished art work. Some of these include:

+ Mosaic Tile Making

+ Puppet Making

+ Book Making

+ Landscape Quilting

Landscape quilting uses a variety of techniques to create a scene entirely out of fabric and thread. Learn how to make a landscape art quilt using raw edge applique. Participants will construct a finished 12 - 14 inch square quilt. A basic pattern will be provided and you'll be encouraged to add your own original embellsihments. Students should have some sewing experience and basic knowledge of their machine.

+ Sewing Costumes & Toys

  • Make stuffed animals and toys
  • Headbands, Quilted purses, Zipper pouches, Knapsacks, Tote bags and Fabric belts
  • Window Treatments, Slip covers, Duvet covers, Pillows, Table runners
  • Reupholster antique chairs
  • Shabby chic decorative items
  • Hanging organizers

+ Fashion Design & Costume Design

  • Make your own Halloween costume
  • Design and make patterns using leather or favorite materials
  • T-shirt alterations

+ Architectural Design & Model Building

  • Pretend you're an architect and design your dream house or design an imaginary city!
  • Build a model of a famous historic building or house
  • Learn how to use architectural design and engineering to build a bridge, dam, skyscaper, tower or tunnel

+ Digital Art - Flyer, Signs, Postcards and Mailings

Do you need to create professionallooking flyers, signs, postcards or mailings for school or work? Work with our Digital Art Instructor who can help you create everything from your logo, marketing message and visual layout.

+ Sewing for Home Decor Professionals

Our Home Decor Sewing Instructor has owned and operated a professional custom window drapery business for over 20 years. She can teach beginners to advanced sewers how to sew home decorative items as a home business or for fun.

+ Sculpture As An Experience

Working with clay, wire, wax, plaster and found objects - Using this well known book by Judith Peck, our instructor educates and guides students into how these mediums can be used to create free standing an mobile sculptures

+ Art Portfolio Development

Art Portfolio Development is a lesson program offered to High School students seeking guidance in preparing individual portfolios for the entrance examinations or applications to Art focused colleges and universities.

+ Student-Instructor Collaborative

Student Instructor Collaborative
is a lesson program for students who enjoy learning by working in collaboration with an Art professional.

+ Design-Your Own – If you do not see an offering or art media of your interest, we can work with you
to design your own.

+ Host An Art Party – Bringing an art instructor into your home is a great way to share art interests with friends and family or bring an art instructor into your home for a private party. Event examples are Mother-Daughter parties, Girls Nights Out or a Boy’s Birthday party. Host An Art Party includes Arts2You helping to develop the theme, the project, the instructor and supplies. To host a party, call us at 781-810-8216 or email us.

+ Commision An Artist – Art is personal. Have you ever wished that you could ask an artist to create something special and unique, designed just for you, perhaps with an area of your home in mind? We can make that happen. With our “Commission an Artist” program, we give artists the opportunity to register samples and descriptions of their artwork with us in our private, online art gallery, and we then connect our clients with the artists that match their interests. In this way, we fulfill an important part of the Arts2You mission -- bringing local artists and patrons together. To commission an artist, call us at 781-810-8216 or email us.
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